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  • "Some blogs are simply fun reads, but if you want to dive deep, check out YogaLila." YogaJournal, August 2009


  • Richard Freeman: Yoga Chants

    Richard Freeman: Yoga Chants
    Richard Freeman Chants - its a 2 cd set. The first CD is instructional, he explains some of the history and technique, and you sing along by repeating first a word, then a line, of each chant. I think there are 3-4 chants he teaches in this way -including the ashtanga invocation, which I've always liked. He explains things very clearly. The second cd is him chanting and playing the harmonium. He has a good voice, not a great voice, but there is something incredibly soothing about listening to him. -Jane

  • Cindy Dollar: Yoga Your Way : Customizing Your Home Practice

    Cindy Dollar: Yoga Your Way : Customizing Your Home Practice
    This is a great book for home practice. It's spiral bound and the pages are split so that on the left the pages are practice sequences and on the right each page is one of 44 asanas. The 31 practice sequences range from 10 to 90 minutes. On the back of each asana page are several modifications with various props. The author is an Iyengar teacher and the instructions are very detailed. What I like most about it is that the variety of sequences will prevent me from doing the same practice all the time which is what usually happens when I do yoga on my own. -Danielle

  • Andrea Olsen: Bodystories: A Guide To Experiential Anatomy

    Andrea Olsen: Bodystories: A Guide To Experiential Anatomy
    This book is the most accesible of all the more touchy-feely anatomy books I have - daily exercises of body exploration. -Lianne

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September 24, 2005


Lori M

Bonnie, this is a joy to read. I am just learning about Mudra's and I too have the book by Sabrina Mesko. I think that this is a good starting point for me. I've been working with two healing mudras, twice each day (Mudra for Happiness and Mudra for Divine Wisdom for just over a week now. Later on I will add in more or move to other Mudras as I need to. Currently, these two are what I need.

Jhana Mudra is a mudra I have used for a long time in my meditation practise and is very powerful. It really does help me to concentrate and stay focused during my meditation and I continue to feel this mudra's effect after meditation as well.


Lori, I've been practicing from the three above. Mudras really do focus me. I'm so happy to know you're learning this while I am too. Thanks for your nice words!

Lori M

Bonnie, having done Ateeka's Moorn Cycle Yoga last evening I was more aware of the Mudras that she uses in her practise. Hakini Mudra, Bhairava Mudra, Yoga Mudra, Chin Mudra or, and Anjali Mudra.

I found another resource. You may have discovered this also,


Lori, Yes! I did Moon Cycle recently and have had it for awhile. I so appreciate how Ateeka integrates mudras into this mindful practice. I'm glad you mentioned it :-). Bonnie

Murali Sai


I too started practising mudras for while and see jnana and prana mudras are really wonderful to calm down agitating mind. Can anyone tell me source on net for reading advanced topics on the subject? Any idea if prolonged pracice of mudras can resore gray hair its original color and prevent falling of hair?

plz. respond me at


yoga schools

Very enlightening!!! The illustrations and simple explanation makes one understand the Mudra science easily. We can perfectly pracise these Mudras from this gudance.

Meanwhile ,these mudras are also used by exponents of classical dances , where they convey feelings ,mood and articulatioin for cinveying the essence of the dance form.

Compact and lucid post!! Keep it up!…

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