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  • "Some blogs are simply fun reads, but if you want to dive deep, check out YogaLila." YogaJournal, August 2009


  • Richard Freeman: Yoga Chants

    Richard Freeman: Yoga Chants
    Richard Freeman Chants - its a 2 cd set. The first CD is instructional, he explains some of the history and technique, and you sing along by repeating first a word, then a line, of each chant. I think there are 3-4 chants he teaches in this way -including the ashtanga invocation, which I've always liked. He explains things very clearly. The second cd is him chanting and playing the harmonium. He has a good voice, not a great voice, but there is something incredibly soothing about listening to him. -Jane

  • Cindy Dollar: Yoga Your Way : Customizing Your Home Practice

    Cindy Dollar: Yoga Your Way : Customizing Your Home Practice
    This is a great book for home practice. It's spiral bound and the pages are split so that on the left the pages are practice sequences and on the right each page is one of 44 asanas. The 31 practice sequences range from 10 to 90 minutes. On the back of each asana page are several modifications with various props. The author is an Iyengar teacher and the instructions are very detailed. What I like most about it is that the variety of sequences will prevent me from doing the same practice all the time which is what usually happens when I do yoga on my own. -Danielle

  • Andrea Olsen: Bodystories: A Guide To Experiential Anatomy

    Andrea Olsen: Bodystories: A Guide To Experiential Anatomy
    This book is the most accesible of all the more touchy-feely anatomy books I have - daily exercises of body exploration. -Lianne

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March 05, 2006



Sophie - I really admire how much you journal. I wish I could get myself to journal more, but it seems my life from age 10 on is one of half-filled diaries that are started in great hope and fizzle out. Anais Nin I am not.Yet.

Some more good resources on starting a personal practice are right here on yogalila:

and an earlier post by you:


Sophie, I admire your ability to find ways to keep your practice fresh. Do you ever still try pulling out a cd or dvd or book of a respected teacher? I used to only practice at home with media; and I still do but more as a jumping off point for my own direction. Sometimes the media, tho, includes poses I would probably not think of doing, especially since my practice is relatively new.

Lori M

Sophie, I enjoyed reading this very much. Its an inspiration to me. thanks. I haven't been to a yoga class since before mid December and I've missed it. However, I have been focusing more and more lately on a personal practise that does not involve media. How do I explain but to say that I feel some sort of self reverence when I do this. And yes, the practise may be boring or at least, not all that exciting but it's mine and I know that this is where I can lean more about myself in a pose and develop my practise further.


Hi Sophie - I read your post with renewed interest as I haven't been able to get to my regular live class due to my budding yoga business. There have been plenty of periods in my life where I can only do a home practice. My practice is constantly changing / evolving. Some blocks of time I only do media, other blocks, I do my own thing, other times, I only go to live class, and of course there is the mix of all three. I even have done 5 mintus every hour at my desk during the day to get in a hours worth of yoga during the day. It works wonders!


thank you Sadie, you really hlpeed me!2 weeks ago i had my first panic attack and had been scared up to this point because i could never relax comfortably but this easy technique you published hlpeed me relax and calm down mentally and spirituallyits funny because my therapist had been telling me to try this technique and i never took her seriously until watching this video!anyways thanks for helping me and people like me.

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